Thats great news JR. and ditto for Ching and Brian! My friend Yanni had her baby 4 days ago and they werent expecting her to give birth until 3 weeks from now. As far as TechTV, I certainly hope that Ching and Brain are learning the ins and outs of the computer world. Sad to say, I have stopped being an avid watcher of TechTV due to the fact that they booted Chris Pirillo from his show and also the way the producers have slowly filled the network with crappy new shows rather than technology info in the last 8 months. But dont let my boycott ruin your fun, enjoy Call for Help and The Screensavers while you still can.

      Vince — Congrats on the new toy!  I’ve had my DVD burner (came with my setup, also from Dell) for a while now but I’ve yet to rip any movies.  I’ve made some DVD Picture Shows (Ulead program) of our wedding pictures but that’s about it.  The problem that I encounter when I try to copy DVDs (not that they want to make it easy because it certainly would be bad for business, I just wanted to try it for the sake of doing it) is that most DVDs are 7GB and the media that I have only has 4GB or so capacity.  When you figure out how to rip DVDs, please let me know!  April — Haven’t seen Lumpia but I will try to look for it.  I was just surprised to see The Debut in a mainstream video store (rather than an Asian/Filipino joint).  I heard about it from  Trinnah  but before that I didn’t know what it was.  I was thrilled because it’s the first movie ever made about our lives.  That’s a milestone.  Yes, it’s low-budget and had areas of improvement but as a first step it was amazing.  Brian actually enjoyed watching it (surprise). He laughed at some of the jokes that most non-pinoys wouldn’t get.  Like when the two white friends were chowing down on Filipino food and this guy goes, “This stuff is really good!  Specially this CHOCOLATE meat stuff!”  Brian and I busted up laughing.  We assumed that he was referring to dinuguan, of course.  If he only knew!  Anyway, Brian said that the acting wasn’t too bad.  Tirso Cruz III did a really great job playing the father role.  Brian said that the only bad acting in the movie came from (no offense Jay) the white actors.  I tend to agree with him but I explained that the GOOD white actors are expensive and with the movie being independent and low-budget and all, they couldn’t afford to hire them.  GOOD Filipino actors on the other hand are cheap and easy to come by.  At any rate, the main character Ben is played by Dante Basco who incidentally also play Rufio in the movie Hook (with Robin Williams).  Brian (the movie buff that he is) recognized him almost instantly.  I doubted him at first.  It took half of the movie for me to realize it as well and finally agree.  I was so excited about the movie, I had to share it with my mom.  So we dropped it off on Sunday and then Brian will pick it up Wednesday so we can return the DVD on Thursday.  I love Hollywood videos!!  Mom wasted no time and watched the movie last night.  She loved it, too.   I think it’s a great movie not just for Filipinos to watch but also other folks because it gives great insight into our culture.  Anyway, that’s my bit about The Debut.  P.S.  Does anyone have a Loews Ciniplex in their area?  I have some movie coupons that I need to give away because they expire at the end of the year.  Email me your address if you want them!

No offense taken. I just wanna know why so many Filipinas are such HOTTIES!!! And why didn’t I find this out until I was too old and too married to do anything about it??? :( BTW, thanks for hardly ever posting jokes with Tagalog punch lines anymore. :) Though I have my tagalog translator link ready for when you do. ;) Enough emoticons from me. I’m going back to April’s blog to see if she has any new pics… :D (okay, just one more.)

      Wow! I had no idea that DVD compressions were different for the DVD media that are out there.  I think the movie companies have their hands on the higher end compressions.  Like I always say, where there’s a will there’s a way.  If you cant save it to one dvd maybe theres a way to save it into two dvd’s.  I’ve gotta research this…(pulling out the pad paper and pencil: note to self, find out how to hack 7GB dvds to compress it into a 4 GB dvd.)  In other events, I am assuming you people watched the EMMY’s last night.  I of course again didnt win the vicarious “Best Stalking via the Comments Section” which was won by  Gnome-Girl .  I also didnt win the prestigious “Best Supporting Geek in a drama” category which was won by  urlLink Chris .  Oh lets not forget the new category that just came out this year, “Most Desperate Losers in need of Repros” which was unanimously received by a number of people coming into Kinko’s  all day today thinking they can get their last second projects completed in an hour.  If there’s anyone out there that is in major need to watch some flix is me.  So yeah, I want those movie coupons.

It Friday! Boom, Boom, Akalalaka Boom!, Boom, Boom, Akalaka, Boom Boom! Covad cant get into Verizon’s network closet to fix our DSL connections for AT&T. I hate this work slowdown now that Verizon’s Union is still in talks with managers. I cant have any high speed internet and it is just an inconvenience! Oh well….

Ching, I’ve heard rave reviews about that movie over here in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it yet. I may rent it from Hollywood videos soon.

      This  is the  worst  summer in the last 5 years.  Its like every weekend the weather is cloudy and rainy.  I remember when I was a kid and whenever it rained and I wanted to play my mother taught me this rhyme:  “Rain rain go away come again some other day little Vincent wants to play!”  Well, most of the time it worked.

      hey guys i’m not sure if you’ll get this message and if i’m doing the right thing. will someone from you guys e-mail me or text me so i’ll know if i’m already in, ok? gotta go my boss is here i need to finish tons of work for him. sheryll pls text me if you get the chance to read this. miss you guys:)

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I should have done this a year ago . So, better late than never.|This is the first blog. I’m just going to speak about the things that come to my mind. My first blog on beauty.

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